Wooden Dragon

I snapped a skateboard, and so I found myself with two pieces of nicely shaped wood. I thought it’d be a good idea to paint something on them. This is how it happened.

1. The first step, a light bit of sanding.

2. Secondly, the drawing ! I penciled this in first, then went over that using india ink, and a smallish paintbrush. I kept the drawing very simple, using the texture of the wood as the ‘details’.


3. I started painting with some very thin washes of oil paint. The idea, going into this, was to keep as much of the nice texture from the wood showing through.

4. More washes.

5. And repeat

6. That’s me.

7. Now that I had the base of it more or less down, I went in with details, adding scales and such, with some white.

8. With the addition of some slightly bigger horns, and darkening areas, I called this one done.

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