I am a digital artist who hails from the land of South Africa. In between fending off the lions, and the terrible internet, I like to make art. I grew up in the bustling city of Johannesburg, where I discovered my love for making digital paintings. Using my dad’s old wacom tablet, and Art Rage (See this blog post: LINK). Since then it has been a wonderful journey of discovering what is possible with this limitless medium. I have been freelancing from the age of 17, when I worked on a book cover for a wonderful author, Rafi Yahya Syed. Soon after finishing school in the middle of 2013, I started on The Makers Eden, an indie video game. It was a great experience of indiegogo campaigns, chatting on a podcast, and working with talented people from all over the globe. I have been pursing freelance work with great success thanks to the support of all the connections I have made online, and my family, who made it all possible.


Work Experience:

Concept Artist, World of Adventure — 2017

Concept Artist, Gatehouse Commercials — 2017

Concept Artist,  Antagonist Studios  – 2016

Illustrator, ESPN Advertising Campaign  – 2016

Concept Artist, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – 2015

Illustrator, SARU Rugby World Cup Advertising Campaign  – 2014

Artist, The Maker’s Eden — 2013-2016



Book Cover Illustration

Webcomic Artwork (Romantically Apocalyptic)

Mood Paintings, Character Design, and Colour Keys for Hero Concept Art

Illustrations for a Minecraft Mod: Mythros



Social Media:




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